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This course aims to help delegates in leadership positions, or those aspiring to lead, to develop practical strategies for establishing, promoting and sustaining change in their organisation.

Change Management Workshop

This course focuses on developing the fundamental skills required to lead strategic change in your organisation by looking at ways to clarify the need for change, examining the barriers and pitfalls as well as identifying frameworks for implementing successful change.

Advanced Certificate in Public Policy (Bespoke)

The Advanced Certificate in Public Policy (ACPP) programme provides senior executives in the federal government, other national governments, and international organisations with the cutting-edge skills necessary to thrive.

Senior Government Executives Programme (Bespoke)

The Senior Government Executives Programme (SGEP) at Alexander Brookes provides experiences for participants both inside and outside the classroom to ensure that public officials are equipped on a daily basis to manage and lead results-driven government agencies and non-profit organisations.

Freedom of Information Act for Government Officials (Bespoke)

There has been increasing pressure from the public for greater access to information from government institutions so as to aid better transparency and accountability. There is demand for government departments to be more accountable for their public budgets and to release pertinent reports about performance and results of projects. The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) that has been put in place to allow the public access to wide range of documents from government bodies.

This workshop will provide the comprehensive understanding of complying with the FOIA. By studying case studies of FOIA implementation in other countries, delegates will gain a working knowledge of how to respond to FOIA requests.

Corporate Strategy Workshop

This workshop will look at the environment in which policy is created, how it is shaped and some of the key characteristics of good policy such as outcome-focused, innovative and joined-up policymaking.