Human Resources

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Training the Trainers

This course aims to equip those involved in training with the essential know-how to make a real contribution to the success of their organisation in the role of an in-house trainer.

Human Resource Management

This course gives a thorough foundation in modern Human Resource Management and aims to show you how organisations can secure the best value for employees through a better understanding of appropriate management systems, development, communication and leadership.

Effective People Management

This course is designed to improve the ability of line managers to manage their people successfully and boost productivity. Participants will develop advanced interpersonal skills and strategies to bring out the best in people through innovative techniques and strategies.

Effective Secretaries and Personal Assistants Workshop

Modern-day Secretaries and Personal Assistants must be prepared to accept increasingly complex responsibilities. Your executive assistants must be aware of the principles of management, leadership, human behaviour as well as communication skills, in both the written and spoken word with their contacts at all levels. This course draws on the experience of both manager and support staff the world over to provide your support staff with the skill they need to do their job more effectively.

Managing Issues and Crisis in the Workplace (Bespoke)

This course covers the Alternative Dispute Model (ADR) which has proved to be effective in analysing and assessing complex work issues to determine appropriate and effective intervention responses and shows you how to utilise this model to diagnose critical work issues and implement effective interventions. Also, learn to manage issues, problems, and crises with confidence and poise under pressure.

Managing the Training and Development Function (Bespoke)

The main objective of this course is to examine the key issues facing Human Resource Managers as new developments and techniques emerge. It highlights the importance of training to organisational success; the use of presentation and facilitation techniques that meet operational needs and the skills required of professional trainers.

Recruitment and Talent Planning (Bespoke)

This course will enable delegates to determine a framework of professional selection criteria, assist in proving due diligence throughout the resourcing process, shortlist and select the best candidates for positions whilst delegates acquire and practice behavioural interviewing skills.