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Economics Consulting Calgary, Economics Consultancy Canada, Business Consultancy

Everyone at Alexander Brookes works hard to be build on-going, long-term relationships with our clients and we aim to be first-in-mind for reliable economics research and consultancy for Africa.

We provide economic research, training and presentations to our clients. Both our training and consultancy services can be delivered remotely or on-site at international clients’ offices/external sites and also at our office based in London. We usually undertake bespoke research projects commissioned by companies and government agencies based in Africa.

Work Approach

Our approach is to bring a thorough understanding and clear thinking to complex economic issues through concise, jargon-free, robust and objective work. We deliver succinct yet comprehensive analysis that adds real value and provides practical help to our clients in their day-to-day decision making process.

We utilise leading-edge econometric analysis to develop implementable business solutions and to solve complex business problems. We also help to aid effective discussions on public policy and assist our clients as they implement their solutions. We enable companies and governments to use their data to develop and maintain competitive advantages by understanding how their own information relates to their world-at-large.

Our People

All our professionals exemplify a commitment to working together, leveraging individual strengths to ensure that our clients always benefit from the best solution. With extensive experience in the application of economics to a wide range of industries and issues, most of our professionals hold PhD or master’s level degrees. We also complement our in-house expertise through an extensive network of leading academics and industry experts. Many of our senior associates and academic affiliates have significant public and private sector experience.

Our Training Courses


International Financial Reporting Standards

Leadership and Change Management

Monitoring and Evaluation of Projects

Fundamentals of Petroleum Economics