Change Management Workshop

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Times of change often require a leader to take their department through an uneasy transitioning period. In such times a leader needs to be aware that no matter how great the vision, they will not get there without the buy-in of their people. This course focuses on developing the fundamental skills required to lead strategic change in your organisation. It looks at ways to clarify the need for change and examines the barriers and pitfalls. It will also identify the framework of implementing successful change. Participants will be introduced to new concepts and be involved in exercises to understand key change theories.

Benefits of Attending

At the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Successfully deliver a change strategy in your organisation
  • Be systematic and methodical in your attempt to achieving change
  • Plan the key stages of a change process, using proven techniques
  • Engage others to build their commitment to the required changes
  • Track progress, measure and communicate results

Course Outline

  • The role senior management during throughout the change cycle
  • Initiating teamwork in a change environment and assigning management responsibilities
  • Communications plan – how to engage the stakeholders
  • Communicating the need for change, managing resistance to change
  • Creating opportunities for change and dealing with emerging opportunities
  • Understanding the nature and dynamics of change, different types of change, managing through    uncertainty, planned versus emergent change
  • The effect of the external environment
  • Organisational Culture – managing change in a multicultural society
  • Tools and techniques for managing and implementing change
  • Planning the change, implementation, monitoring and review
  • Performance management; sustaining and reviewing performance
  • Evaluating and utilising the power and influence of those involved including stakeholders
  • Development of an action plan & setting strategic goals
  • Planning and project management techniques – how to manage the transition
  • Change progress review – reporting and tracking progress
  • Post implementation review – for continuous improvement

Who Should Enrol?

Delegates are expected from Government departments and Regulatory Agencies, Private and Public Companies, Central Banks, Commercial Banks, Mortgage Banks, Multinational donor agencies and other government departments and agencies.

Course Structure

Delegates will attend this 5 day course between 09:00 and 17:00 daily.

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